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November Flyin’

The last video in a series of three, here comes November Flyin'!

Winter is still absent, even though we had some flakes last week. This weekend hover it’s been very mild with temperatures around +10°C and pleasant flying conditions. The videos in this series of three was shot at a new location I found. Great for flying QLKs, espescialy on shorter lines, a bit too tight for decent dual line kite flying.

Well… whatever… Here are a few more clips from yesterday including a minor mishap towards the end.

November Flyin’

3 thoughts on “November Flyin’”

  1. It looks like you are working on softer and slow bicycle rotations and the clockwork is perhaps a minimum input maximum output drill? My own thoughts on rotations around the centre are currently after the two sessions of the recent long weekend (All Hallows/Saints Day), that practising the 180 deg team turn (changing direction by turning with the LE downwards) is kind of central/multiple beneficial exercise. It can be done in a (bit sloppy?) clockwork like way by adding or two 90-deg rotations (insight from this years summer) or the more standard longer softer 180deg rotation. These 180 deg rotations are very close to a half bicycle rotation and I believe that they are strongly linked. The insight of the weekend: 180 deg team turns can not only give you clock work practice but also bicycle practice. This has caused me to start dreaming about being able to do the travelling bicycle where each 180 deg step is pronounced both in rotation and in translation (a long term and perhaps a bit to early uttered goal). Another benefit of the 180 team turn is that it is quick to repeat at least 5 times (as I have heard somewhere else that it should be beneficial for improvement…).
    If I haven’t said so, I much appreciate having someone kind-of-geographically-close willing to frequently share his frequent kite activities, especially since there are no local fliers around here what I have seen. It gives me input, highlights different areas and “keeps the thought” around kites and the (hopefully) 1-2 times per week effort of evolving in piloting. Writing comments also helps me to clarify and remember observations from my own sessions.

    Thank you for doing this blog/vlog!!! You do deserve a large trophy cup!Large trophy cup

    1. Thank you for your kind words! …and your comments are very well welcomed and appreciated, so please keep them coming! 🙂

      Yes, I’m kind of experimenting with the smooth bicycle rotations. I think (?) I’m doing them with a mix/blend of dual lined and quad lined input. I do both gentle pulls and pushes *and* angling the handles trying to achieve those smoooooth rotations. I’m not sure this is the best or proper way of doing them, but at least it starts to work for me. …and that’s what count, isn’t it?! 😉


  2. And in a few sessions when you let the bicycle rotation slide/drift from the side of the wind window… Tadaa! You will then have a travelling bicycle! OK, admittingly it is not a travelling bicycle where you actively drive the centre (or the kite) to a new position, but at least the “passive” slide/drift one is a start. Mostly for the travelling bicycle but also to some extent for the stationary one, I find that it is good to look at the centre of rotation (where the trailing edges of the two wing halves meet). (And the above trophy cup image attribution: gnokii (Open Clipart) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)

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