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On Thin Ice

The winter is here. Ok, no snow yet, but icy conditions makes for another aspect of flying!

A few days with temperatures below freezing has turned one of the local beaches into a perfect place to fly on thin ice!

At this beach there are a handful of sand banks that traps the water in large ponds at low tide. If the temperature is low enough these ponds are freezing over. Yesterday was perfect. A thin and shiny layer of ice made for great conditions for flying on ice. …or rather have the kite sliding all about!

Om Thin Ice

1 thought on “On Thin Ice”

  1. Looks like an inviting surface for kiting/sliding. Gives an impression of some kind of sail driven craft as the kite slides along the ice. I haven’t tested any QLKing on ice, only DLKing. Remember that it caused the basic launch (starting from a “land turtle”) difficult. Instead of the DLK rotating towards you to rise the nose, it just slid along the ice towards you. Can’t imagine that there would be any corresponding thing for a QLK/HWK though, except possibly if the HWK would be bridle down LE from the pilot, it could be difficult to get any wind under the sail (due to the ice being so flat) to make the downspars rise from the ice??

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