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I really looked forward to try out the new 10m (approx 30ft) lineset in a somewhat limited flying space.

A really nice onshore breeze made conditions great for flying on these relatively short lines. At the beach there also are various “objects” to play with when flying. You know, a boardwalk, a few flag poles, a statue, and a couple of really oversized chairs. Floodlights embedded into the boardwalk also makes for really cool lighting!

So…the icky hit the air and I must admit, flying with these short lines was absolutely awesome! Not only am I able to get the kite close and get a better look at what’s going on. These lines make it possible to fly at a lot more locations! …like on the pier next to the ferry terminal. (No pictures I’m afraid ’cause it was too dark.)

It was a great experience and a revelation! Now I’m in the hunt of more unthinkable places to fly!

Using a flag pole for more fun!
Using a flag pole for more fun!
A statue and embedded floodlights
A statue and embedded floodlights
Really close to the ferry terminal
Really close to the ferry terminal
Have a seat!
Have a seat!

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