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With the Nordic Kite Meeting only a few days away now, it's about time to fine tune the skills.

So with that in mind I spent an hour or so on the field practicing geometry. The smooth onshore wind clocked in to about six, maybe seven m/sec (13-16mph) and was perfect for my DYI yellow vented.

At one of the Danish Quad Clinics John Barresi advised us to practise an … element … five times before trying to adjust anything. It’s a good approach that evens out (most of the) coincidences and works well in other learning situations too.

This was my approach also, and it will let me focus on the important stuff rather than on the coincidences.

Below you can watch a video in which I practice five different geometric flight patterns. Ok, the video does not show all five (or more) repetitions – that would be boring – but I can assure you that every pattern was flown repeatedly at least five times before adjusting things.

…and in the good winds it’s starting to look pretty good, don’t you think? 😉

Practicing Geometry

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