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Pulsar by Kitehouse
Pulsar by Kitehouse

Through its precise control and easy tricking characteristics is an ideal kite for those about to explore the world of trick flying. The PULSAR won’t let down the experienced flyer either who can throw the kite in and out of the most radical trick combinations. This is surely a kite you won’t outgrow for a while.

The PULSAR is produced according to the high standards of workmanship as we have come used to from Kitehouse. All the details you’ll expect are there; fully adjustable bridle, weighted for trickability, leach line for adjusting the TE tension, and so on.

Hard facts:

  • Wingspan: 220cm
  • Sail: Icarex
  • Frame: 6mm carbon and Skyshark
  • Bridle: Turbo balance.
  • Colors: Red, Light Blue or Neon Green

Seems like a winner to me!

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