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The last days have been very warm with temperatures around +30C, but yesterday it all dropped to a more normal +22ish or so and a nice onshore breeze clocking in at about 6m/sec. Perfect for a meshed up Revolution!

I put all my revs in a suitable bag together with a couple of line sets and handles and a drink. Hopped into my car and drove to a somewhat remote location which includes a 20 minutes walk along the coastline. I was a bit afraid of the high tide making the flying ground unflyable, but when I arrived a decent sandbank was still above the water. Perfect!

The wind was kinda howling and I grabbed my yellow semi vented rev that should be fine for these conditions. After assembling it and attaching the flying lines I was ready to go.

And WOW, what a blast!

The wind was super smooth coming in from the sea making the flying conditions perfect and after shortening the upper lines a couple of centimeters the kite flew imacculate in the hands of an improving pilot.

I brought a tripod for my phone so I could film quite a bit of the flying and here’s the result from a couple of fabulous hours on the beach!

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