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Slack Line Tricking

Slack line tricking is not for duallies only. You can do loads of fun stuff letting the lines go slack on your quad too!

In order to do tricks with a dual lined kite, you will have to give slack to your lines. Tight lines will choke the trick while slack lines will allow the kite to do its thing in the air.

As my quad line flying skills have improved, I’m now able to do a few slack line tricks with my quads too. As you might have seen in quite a few of my videos, I’m getting the hang of the axel. Today I was into exploring the …. Well, with a duallie I would call it a pancake.

You know, flying your kite downward and the flaring the kite nose away by giving it loads of slack. You can do the same with a quad.

So on short lines I did quite a few of them today, and managed to get them on video! Here’s a taste of pancakes!

Slack Line Tricking

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