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Whenever I go flying, well, most of the time, I include a bit of intentional flying.

It’s so easy to go with the flow with no other goal in mind but having fun. And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Quantity will definitely improve your flying skills. However, flying with intent will speed up the process.

So every time I find myself attached to a kite I try to do some Intentional flying as well.

This weekend I was focusing on two different … figures. The first one goes like this…

Kite on the ground at approximately 50% right in the wind window. Launch and fly upwards something like 5, 6 meters. Stop. Then do a slow 90° turn (around the kite’s center) and hold.

Then fly, slowly and controlled) across the wind window to 50% left. Stop and hold for a sec. Finally reverse straight down and land. Then repeat it all the opposite way.

It may sound pretty easy, but like any other thing in life, it’s harder than it sounds.

Anyway, the second figure is the pivot ladder up, and it goes like this…

Position the kite with the LE pointing to the left and the left wingtip pointing to the ground at approximately y=5% and x=0% in the wind window.

Then do a pivot turn of 180° around the kite’s right wingtip. Stop and hold. Then do a similar pivot turn, but now pivoting around the kite’s left wingtip. Alternate and watch the kite climb the pivot ladder upwards!

In the video below you can see the results.

…and remember to repeated everything (at least) five times before any adjustments to the input!

Some Intentional Flying

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