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As mentioned in another blog post, I've been working to speed up the AERIALIS Kites website. And now it seems like things are paying off!
Some bad figures when I started up the process...
Some bad figures when I started up the process…

In the screendump above you can see some really bad figures. Let’s just take a look at the Page Speed Score. Very bad indeed, only 39% and F-rated 🙁

So it was clearly about time to start cleaning up the website to make it as fast loading as possible. Because waiting for a website to load is definately a drag! I spent a few hours this weekend tweaking and tuning and removing quite a bit of unnecessary stuff under the hood. Yeah, some on the hood as well.

When most of the tuning was done i ran a new analysis on GTMetrix and now something surely had happened!

After the clean up, a major improvement!
After the clean up, a major improvement!

I have browsed the AERIALIS Kites website up and down and I can see the loading time surely has decreased. Yes, there are quite a few pages containing “heavy” images, but they load faster as well. And the average load time is down by quite a bit.

Hopefully you have noticed the faster loading site as well, and if so – or if you by any other reason want to comment – please feel free to state your comments below!

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