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Stirring up the Elixir

My Plan A was to fly the Gemini and the Elixir back to back, but for several reasons I had to switch to Plan B.

I had brought both the Gemini and the Elixir to fly them back to back and prepare for my column Stunt Kite Classics. However, when I assembled the Gemini I found it was missing a standoff. So no back to back flying.

How about the Elixir then. No missing parts so time for some flying!

Flying the Elixir
Flying the Elixir

Wow, this was different! As far from the Nirvanas I’m used to fly as it gets. Very far from the good old Cosmics too. Almost all my input was way too much and caused the kite to fall out from the sky. Body language adjustment, big time!

Power diving
Power diving

It took some time until my input was taken down to Elixir level. The flying got better, but still some work left to be done. The winds were difficult to handle too. Offshore and rolling down the field. …and bumpy!

From next to nothing to quite too much within seconds. …and that’s not the conditions on which I’d like to base my review. The Stunt Kite Classics should be flown in optimal winds in order to get the right feel.

Rainbow coloured Prism Elixir
Rainbow coloured Prism Elixir

So no new post in the Stunt Kite Classics today. I will have to wait for better winds. Hopefully the wait won’t be long. I’m packing a large kite bag full of dual lined classics and bring them all to Denmark and the Nordic Kite Meeting. Hopefully the wind gods will be cooperative and let me fly a whole bunch of them in the best of winds!

Stay tuned!


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