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Stunt Kite Classics

Ever since I joined the Stunt Kite Classics group on Facebook, I have been playing with this thought...

This summer I did a good cleaning of the basement. In addition to a LOT of other stuff, here is also where I keep my kites. When cleaning up I could not resist digging into all of my kitebags and that brought back memories.

Cleaning up the basement
Cleaning up the basement

I started kiting – well, rather picked it up again – twenty years ago and since that summer of 1998 I’ve gathered quite a few kites along the way. You might say I’m the proud owner of a collection of quite a bunch of Stunt Kite Classics.

Right from the first real kite I bought – an HQ Session 1.1 to the more recent Kitehouse Cosmic. In my opinion two classic stunt kites.

…and I’ve got more…

The Feather, Midi Sandpiper, Gemini, Elixir, Illusion 2K, MiniGem, Jam Session, a full series of Pro Reactors, Utopia and a whole bunch of others.

The classic Utopia
The classic Utopia

So this thought came sneaking up upon me… Why not let all these oldies (?) but goodies see some air time again? You know, put them through their paces? How do they perform to the more modern style of freestyle flying? What’s their trickability like? Will they do decent precision? What do they feel like in the air?

So that’s my project. I am going to put all (?) my classics through the paces, bringing back the good (and maybe also the not so good 😉 ) memories of my twenty years of flying stunt kites!

…and off course everything will be documented here at AERIALIS Kites in a new column called – yeah you guessed it – Stunt Kite Classics!

But before I get going, I am going to need your help!
I would like you to rank the SIX  – in your opinion – most classic dual lined kite tricks … ever!

I will then do a summary and I’ll try to put all the kites through the six tricks you rank the highest!

So please fill in the form below and submit your suggestion to what you think are the six most classic dual lined kite tricks! using the Submission Form below. Submissions are due November 11th 2018.

BTW, by submitting, you agree to that I’ll keep your data to select the most popular tricks. When the summary is completed, all submitted data will be deleted.

Enter and submit!

Submit your tricks

Voting is closed!


8 thoughts on “Stunt Kite Classics”

  1. Hi Sven, as the founder of “Stunt Kites Classics” on Facebook, I’m very happy to read about your project bringing back classic kite memories. This sounds very interesting to me and I’m looking forward to all your further activities – also inform our Facebook-Group, please. Wish you good luck and much fun with your stunt kite classics! Kind regards, Michael

    1. Hi Michael!
      …and thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      Despite my recent quad lined fascination, I still love to fly duallies. 😀
      …and my collection of classic stunt kites have been gathering dust for too long. It’s about time to fly them again.
      Why not blog about it here at AERIALIS Kites?! I believe there are a few more nerds like me out there fancy this “project” too! 😉


  2. >I would like you to rank the SIX – in your opinion – most classic dual lined kite tricks … ever!

    I get a bit confused here: ”classic” (clearly yesterday) and ”ever” (includes today). Should the tricks be only those performed during the 90-ies(?) by oneself – which of course would limit the set of “valid” tricks. Should the trick be highly regarded or be very widespread? Should the different tricks represent different categories of tricks?

    1. You’re quite right!

      I’m after a mix of old school tricks and more recent ones, hence “classic” and “ever”. I’m after the tricks that YOU think have made an impact on the dual lined kite flying since the early beginning in the early 90’ies (?) I’m after the groundbreaking stuff, the tricks that in some way or another changed (or altered) the way of dual lined kite flying.

      Yes, I surely have an opinion of *my* six tricks, but I won’t reveal any of them until the poll is completed. You might get biased, you know!


  3. I heard there was a Joel Schwartz Neptune for sale somewhere on here. Looking for it, ready to buy and Sky Delight stunt kites.
    Thanks, Ricky

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