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The Nordic Kite Meeting Facebook Group

I’ve just created the Nordic Kite Meeting Facebook group. In this group you can find loads of information, fun facts, photos, videos and other stuff building up for the fabulous days in May!


The Word is Spreading!

Yeah, it certainly is. The Facebook posts about the Nordic Kite Meeting and the Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival 2020 is viewed by many in just a short period of time!


Team Kitelife in Denmark

One of the headliners at the NKM & Blokhus and Løkken Windfestival 2019 was Team Kitelife. I was so lucky to spend six wonderful days of kiting with them! 😁


See you in Denmark!

Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!!

With the sound of the alarm clock’s wake up call still lingering in my ears I kind of sleep walked into the shower too early trying to wake up after a few very hectic days.

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Team Flying at Blokhus Beach

The AERIALIS Team Flyers practicing at Blokhus Beach. And here is the video to prove it!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Ten years ago

At the 2008 NKM, Anders, Kjetil and myself spent four perfect days on the beach letting our icarex breath. All in close to perfect conditions

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Way Back When!

At the Nordic Kite Meeting that year we took our first stab at team flying with our brand new kites. The original lineup as follows:


The Nordic Kite Meeting 2018

Thursday May 17th …and what an event it turned out to be. The beautiful beach of Blokhus presented itself in all its beauty while the


NKM2018 on Facebook

Today I added a new album called Nordic Kite Meeting 2018 and you’ll find it here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/aerialis.kites/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10155722924737987 So if you can’t join us on the


Follow us at NKM18

Rather than adding new articles to this website, I’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aerialiskites/ So point your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, phone


Soon that time of year again!

What started way back in September 1999, in the 20th Century, is now happening again. The Nordic Kite Meeting in combination with the Blokhus Wind

Nordic Kite Meeting 2018

It’s getting closer…

Yes, my fellow kiters, it’s closing up to the …. 20th edition of the Nordic kite Meeting! Believe it or not, but the first Meeting


Isn’t it…?

Well…. let me see…. Isn’t it…? NKM 1999 – Hirtshals NKM 2000 – Hirtshals NKM 2001 – Grønhøj Strand NKM 2002 – Grønhøj Strand NKM


NKM dates 2018

  DATES NKM 2018 The dates for the Nordic Kite Meeting (NKM) and the Blokhus Wind Festival are set: May 18th – 20th 2018 BE


NKM2014 in 2:59

That’s right folks! Catch that beachy feelin’ for the next 2 minutes and 59 seconds!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

A few more piccies

Yup, you got it right. Here are a few more pictures from the NKM 2014. This time the AERIALIS Team Flyers in action. 🙂


Dates NKM 2015

The dates for the Nordic Kite Meeting 2015 are as follows NKM 2015 Friday May 23rd – Monday May 26th Blokhus Kite Festival 2015 Friday

AERIALIS Team Flyers

Piccies from the NKM 2014

Yo! Here are all the pictures from my cell phone shot at the Nordic Kite Meeting 2014!

AERIALIS Team Flyers

NKM 2014

It’s about time to get things going again. So we pack up our kites and head for the beautyful beaches of Danish Blokhus and the

To the top

May 27th-31st 2020


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