Flew untill darkness

Wow! Again!

What happens? Flying? Again? Yes, exactly! I found a couple of hours Friday evening, grabbed a handful of kites, the line bag, hopped into the car and drove off to the beach. An onshore breeze made for great conditions for playing along with my Rev for a while. Then the wind slowly calmed … enough …

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Wow, det var lenge siden! Jeg har ikke flydd på evigheter, men i går tilbragte jeg et par timer på beach’en med tre old school drager og en av litt nyere dato. Fralandsvind med dertil hørende ‘bumps’ gjør jo alltid flygingen mer …. interessant, men uansett… Her følger en ørliten feelgood-oppdatering for gårsdagens fire drager …

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What a day! The mercury crawled above the +20°C mark and the northerly onshore breeze clocked in to a usable 2m/sec. We’re talking about close to perfect conditions for flying the Ghost! …and so I did! A bit rusty for the first minutes but as times went by the flow returned and the flying was …

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Ghostly Impressions

Ghostly Impressions

The long awaited shipment from German Kitehouse arrived the other day. Inside there was a few Ghosts and today the weathergods cooperated after a few windy days. Today things calmed down and it was time for the initial flight. I hit the beach and spent an hour or so flying until the wind picked up …

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