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Team Flyers gathering in Gothenburg

Team Flyers gathering in Gothenburg

The AERIALIS Team Flyers are planning a gathering in Gothenburg in the weekend of March 27th-29th.

It seems like all the pieces are coming together and that all of the team members are available for this gathering.

Main purpose is to complete a new A-Quad for all members. This time we’re in for some Hard Core stuff, the A-Quad HC, Hard Core or HurriCane if you like!

Work in progress
Work in progress

This time Anders will do all the sewing before the arrival of the team, so all there’s left to do is the framing and the bridling. This way we will have plenty of flying time too!

So equipped with A-Quads for almost any kind of wind we’re hoping for lots of airtime and team practice. Hopefully some significant winds also that will suit our HurriCanes well.

Stay tuned for more as we approach the weekend specified!


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