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“Here is a summary of what we are talking about and what we did not talk about.

First we talked about our ambition’s level. What do we want to do? As I (Anders) understood, everyone want us to have the opportunity to meet twice a year with as many people as possible and we would like to fly for an audience.

AERIALIS Team Flyers
AERIALIS Team Flyers

This means that we have to train ourselves and have the discipline to do it so we can reach our goal of flying for spectators and develop the team.

Youshould always be proud to be a member of the team! 👍

Anders will sew up 2 UL sails and send to Niels and Farid so they can framed it themselves. Anders choose the colors of the kite.

AERIALIS Team Flyers
AERIALIS Team Flyers

What should we train?

We need to be better at doing 2-point landings and half axels on the top and side (lateral). We also have to do pancake to fade and roll out. In higher winds we do axel to fade and roll out. We have to be better to stall.

I want more dynamics in our flying. So you get a set of movments like stairs – circle to stall – up and stall – zigzag moves. More is coming…

AERIALIS Team Flyers
AERIALIS Team Flyers

One more thing. I know how hard it is to get 2-point landing proper. So I suggests that everyone films his 2-point landings and put it up anytime so everyone can see. Then we can help each other and in that way we will get better.

…conclude a few words about why it’s important to write / talk on these forum (messenger). This allows us to become a better team and everyone has the opportunity to influence even if it is one who “determines”.


Summary written by Anders Matson

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