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Team Kitelife in Denmark

Team Kitelife in Denmark

One of the headliners at the NKM & Blokhus and Løkken Windfestival 2019 was Team Kitelife. I was so lucky to spend six wonderful days of kiting with them! 😁

Way back in 2005 I had a chance to fly with Richard Debray at the Freestyle World Cup in Cap d’Agde in France. It was a great inspiration to watch him fly. Whether in silky smooth winds or in absolute ludicrous conditions, he didn’t care, he just flew.

Richard Debray
Richard Debray

I remember him repeating two point landings in 15m/sec winds and pulling backspins over his shoulder while running in circles in the arena in the competition.

From that day on I have tried not to worry (too much) about the conditions. You cannot change them anyway, but you can adjust your sails … and … Just Fly! …a phrase which soon happened to be a slogan of mine.


After flying with the Team Kitelife for six days in Denmark I got that same feeling again. Just Fly! Don’t worry about the conditions. Just Fly and make the best out of it!

Kissing Kites
Kissing Kites

It was really rewarding to see and fly with the team. To watch them go out and fly their stuff regardless of the conditions.

Especially their first demo down by the water in blustery and bumpy offshore winds. Really demanding conditions indeed.

Just about perfect
Just about perfect

Here’s a glimpse of one of their routines, and yes, the conditions were really crap, but nevertheless Team Kitelife pulled off one outstanding performance!

TKL performing in demanding conditions!

John, Eli, Scott and Carl – the DK ‘version’ of the Team Kitelife – not only great pilots but great guys too. A big inspiration both to fly with them and hang with them. Because just by watching you can pick up lots of tiny details on how to improve all the aspects of your own flying.

Super performance by TKL
Super performance by TKL

…and spiced up by a huge dose of inspiration made at least my motivation for flying and also flying skills a big push in the right direction!

Here’s another taste from one of their performances at the beach…

Another performance by TKL

I really hope our strings will cross again sometime in the future and that I can fly with you more.

Sky Dancing
Sky Dancing

But until then, I’m gonna fly my socks off, both solo and with the AERIALIS Team Flyers!


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