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That tiny icon in the menu bar

Have you noticed that tiny, little icon in the menu bar? Yeah, you know... That little shopping cart with the red dot!

I guess some of you maybe has discovered that that tiny new icon has appeared in the menu bar. Some even might have recognized it being a WooCommerce icon. That’s quite right!

OK guys, calm down! I’m not about to head out in the big (?) kite selling business again. But I might have a few left overs from the days of my kite shop still laying around in my basement. They might soon be up for grabs and why not combine selling out a few with getting to know WooCommerce a bit better?!

Still there’s some tinkering behind the scenes before things go live, but that tiny, little icon in the menu bar is the first sign of something happening soon. Or… well… Nothing before next year, just a teaser!

Stay tuned for more information accordingly!

Woo Commerce .... coming soon... someday.... after lunch.... on a Tuesday.... I guess
Woo Commerce …. coming soon… someday…. after lunch…. on a Tuesday…. I guess

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