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Last year Anders started experimenting on a new quad design for the AERIALIS Team Flyers.
The A Quad – Work in Process

Social media has made it possible for Anders to keep us updated on the project providing us with comments, questions, picture and even a cool time lapse video

The team members are gathering for a workshop in Gothenburg in March making sure all members will be equipped with A Quads at the Nordic Kite Meeting and Blokhus/Løkken Wind Festival in June.

Anders has made two A Quads already. One for himself and one for Farid who unfortunately will not make the workshop in March. But he’s kind of lucky after all ’cause he has already had his kite in the air (as you can see in the video above).

…and off course I’ll keep you updated during the workshop in March, so stay tuned! 👍

The A Quad 👍

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