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...and the voting is closed! Thank you for voting for the six tricks I will perform in my project Stunt Kite Classics!

I hope you’re curious of what tricks you voted as the top six tricks in my little informal vote. Now the voting is closed and the result is ready. Here are the tricks that you want me to do in my project Stunt Kite Classics:

  1. The Axel
  2. The Fade
  3. The Side Slide
  4. The Flic Flac
  5. The 540 Flat Spin
  6. The Turtle

It was pretty obvious from the very first votes started to tick in that the Axel and the Fade were the two most popular tricks and after the voting closed they were in a class of their own with a solid lead. Actually the Axel was on 88% of everybody’s list of tricks! The Fade “only” on 60% of the submissions, but substantial anyway.

The Flic Flac and the Side Slide came in on third and fourth with 48% and 44%. 540 Flat Spin not far behind on fifth with 40%.

Then there was a significant drop down to the sixth most popular trick, and when all the votes were counted the last trick to be included was the Turtle.

So there you have it! The complete list of tricks that you voted for me to include into my project…

Stunt Kite Classics!

To be continued!

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