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One of the best things about quad line flying is that you can fly literary almost anywhere!

Like here the other day. I had an hour or so to go flying. However, the weather was variable, to say the least. The wind was pretty consistent, but everything else changed within minutes. Bright and sunny but a minute later the rain was pi**ing down.

Not the very best of conditions for flying
Not the very best of conditions for flying 😒

I mostly carry a few kites in the back of my car and this day was no exception. I found myself in a pretty deserted parking lot and I thought, hey, I can fly just here! …and if the rain starts I just jump back into the car. I can even sit there and still fly!

So I grabbed for a vented one and my 10m (30ft) line set and the fun started!

The rain stayed away for most of the time too, so no need for taking cover in the car.

Could I have been doing this with a duallie?

Hmmmm….. I guess I probably could have, but so much more convenient with a quad!

No need for s lot of space

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