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The Gas Station

Went to pick up my son at the railway station yesterday. There were kites sitting in the trunk of my car.

Neighbouring this railway station there is this gas station and – guess what! – a FLYING FIELD!

So I went an hour early to see if it was possible to fly on that little “field” beside the gas station. Because one of the fascinations with quad lined kiting is that not that much space is required, just like mentioned in another post here at AERIALIS Kites. The wind should be about perfect for the location of the field as far as I could remember.

I parked at the pumps, well, sort of, picked up my kite and a suitable line set – 10m/30ft fo be specific – and went over to the small gravelled field. Yeah, I was right. The wind was decent, definitely flyable, at least with a little effort from the pilot’s side. Somewhat variable, but nothing that could not be compensated for.

OK, let’s go! Yeah, really cool flying. Winds on the lighter end of the standard A-Quad’s range, but no problems flying adding a little body language and nifty footwork.

The hour passed quickly and before I knew it the train arrived and it was time to pack it all up and head for the station where my son just had arrived.

Flying at the Gas Station

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