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It's been a while, but yesterday my fave kite for several years was dancing in the air again!

Back in 1999 (it must have been) the Gemini was the talk of the town. Together with the Elixir the kite “battled” it out opening oh so many new doors in the freestyle department. There was a lot of talk about which kite was the better of the ones at various kite forums on the Internet. I don’t think there ever was a conclusion, but for me, the Gemini was a real game changer!

I bought my first one in 1999 and I still have it. Not in its original form though, because I have turned it into a vented version to fly in really high winds.

My vented Gemin
My vented Gemini

I’m also the proud owner of several other Geminis, standard versions and an ultra light. Deep inside one of my kite bags, you will also find a Mini-Gem! So I’m still pretty well equipped with Geminis!

…and yesterday I took one of them for a spin and to write about it in my column Stunt Kite Classics.

While at the field flying, I also brought the tripod and shot some footage. Later I got back home and edited this little video of yours truly putting the Gemini through its paces!

The Gemini doing the Stunt Kite Classics Tricks

2 thoughts on “The Gemini Flies!”

  1. Alan Nightingale

    Wow, really brings back memories, especially the very flat backspins. Haven’t flown for a several years but really makes me want to get the kite bag out of the loft

    1. Go get it Alan! It was a blast to fly the Gem again – and like you say – all those memories came back!

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