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The Larkshead Knot

Another episode in our tutorial series and now we take a closer look at the Larkshead knot.

If you are going to learn how to fly kites, you definitely have to know the larkshead knot. Probably the most important knot any kite flyer will stumble upon!

It’s soooo simple yet sooooo effective. Easy to knot, the more tension the better it sit and – believe it or not – soooo easy to undo!

Even though this larkshead knot can be used for many purposes, the kite flyer will have to use it for attaching the flying lines to the kite. Single lined kites, dual lined kites or multi lined kites, all you need to know is how to do a larkshead knot.

And now you can learn it from this short new tutorial video I made today. You can find it on YouTube, or even better … Just down below!

The Larkshead Knot

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