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The Megateam!

One of the things I was looking the most forward to at the NKM was the Megateam. I wasn't let down!

The Sunday, the final day. It all started pretty miserably with howling semi offshore winds and heavy rain showers. Thankfully the weather forcast said conditions would improve during the day, so we kept our fingers crossed.

If that was what did the trick I don’t know, but slowly the rain showers gave way to the sun. The wind calmed down a little and started to turn over to a more onshore direction.

Doing the Grid
Doing the Grid

It was now or never, the call for a Megateam spread out on the beach and after a short while 16 quads and pilots were ready to give it a go!

With John B as conductor we all launched our kites and got going. Deeply concentrating on our kites, our rows and columns, the spacing and John’s enthusiastic commands it all went really well. And what a blast it was!

Balls of four
Balls of four

I had put my video camera on a tripod and shot the complete session and below you can check out an edited version of all the highlights.

Hope you like it!

NKM2019 Megateam

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