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The Penultimate Day of the Year

The Penultimate Day of the Year

It's weird. The Norwegian Winter Wonderland is absent. Today the mercury hit +10°C and the grass is green.

Normally the local fields should be covered by a fluffy blanket of snow and temperatures well below freezing. One should wear warm winter clothing, mittens, a woolen cap and heavy boots.

Not so today…

With just a hoodie with rolled up sleeves, no gloves not mittens and with a pair of sunglasses I was ready for a couple of hours flying on the green and grassy field.

In the beginning the winds were on the low end of the range allowing me to do several 360’ies an up-and-overs.

After a while the wind direction changed somewhat and the wind was picking up as well.

Here’s a quick recap of the flying when the winds were low and the year closing in.


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