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All I had to do was to take that five minutes walk from the parking and I found the perfect field!

How about green, short cut grass as far as you can see, slightly sloping off of the sea. A light, onshore breeze clocking in at about 2m/sec (4,5mph) and a summer sun warming it all up to about +25°C.

Yeah, you also need a kite, some lines, a pair of handles and a kite stake and you’re good to go!

Good to go!
Good to go!

…and like always I brought my mobile phone and a tripod to shoot some footage.

Conditions were great and I was in the mood for experimenting. The A-Quad is a real floater and I played around with a bunch of slooow axels. They can be super flat, floaty and slow if you set the kite up correctly. …and I did … quite some times.

So flat you can hardly see the kite
So flat you can hardly see the kite

…and finally I was ready for catches and throws. The A-Quad is a great glider, so if you pull too hard on the front lines, it will fly over you. But after adjusting the pull a little I had the kite falling out of the air and right into my hands.

I even went for an axel directly on the throw … and I mailed it! 😎🤙👍 Actually it wasn’t too difficult. The kite is already in a good position for popping the axel. You just have to wait until the exact moment … and find out whether should pop it with your right or your left hand.

…and it looks like this!

Fun on the Perfect Field

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Field”

    1. Thank you captain!

      …and I love the way this A-Quad handels in low winds too! It’s a killer that makes my smile go all the way around!

  1. Nice and floaty/tricky piloting – a “soft” summer day themed video.
    Just *finding* a (nearby?) field? I have been checking (google maps etc.) the surroundings here for more places to fly again and again in the home area of forests and rocks. I’d be lucky if I would find a new not too private or heavily used jetty etc.

    1. Last year this field grew oat. This year the field is growing garden grass. Perfect for flying! 🙂

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