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The Spider flies!


The Spider in Blokhus

At the meeting I didn’t get to fly the Spider that much. It wasn’t until the last day I pulled it out of the bag and took it for a spin. But for some reason I didn’t quite connect. Off course, it could – at least partly – be because of the offshore pretty turbulent winds. Today however, the wind was perfect. Approx 4m/sec coming in from the sea and without a single bump. Time to give it another go!

Great conditions!
Great conditions!

Nope, something was definitely wrong. It felt kind of soft and … spongy in the air, far too little break and accelration was not good either.

The Spider is set up with an intricate bridle with loads of adjustment points so I started to tweak it to see if I could improve its flying. The first tweaks didn’t help all. Hey, things actually got worse. Nope, back to square one and try out new tweaks. Yes, somewhat better, but far from the crisp feel I like.

Tuned and tweaked and good to go!
Tuned and tweaked and good to go!

Finally I managed to get things right. The angle of attack was corrected, the acceleration good, breaks efficient and the general flight characteristic much more to my likings!

So with the kite tuned up it was time for some serious (?) flying, pasting and crashing. I even tried to shoot some video, but my phone fell down from its stand and shot a good five, six minutes of the evening sky! 😉

Really nice shot of the sky 😉
Really nice shot of the sky 😉

Shot some pictures tho’!

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