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The Summer Days are Over

September 7th and clear indications that the summer days are over. But as long as I've got wind, I can fly!

The weather forecast was correct. The rain was pouring down and the wind was absent. Miserable conditions in the early hours of the day. However, it was said to improve during the day. The rain should cease and the wind was about to pick up. So I made sure all the required stuff was sitting safely in the trunk of my car, should thing improve.

Things did improve. In the afternoon the rain almost came to a stop while the wind really picked up, just like forcasted. I had a couple of hours of spare time on my hands and hit the beach as quick as possible to let that icky meet the wind.

Good conditions! A significant breeze came in, directly onshore, making it really nice and smooth. I’d say it was about 6-7m/sec (14-16mph) so I opted for the green and vented on 10m (30ft9 lines.

Big fun in September!

The Summer Days are Over

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