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The Weather Forecast was Spot On

The wind was supposed to drop in the afternoon. So I hit the field with the hope of catching some of it before it died.

What was left of the wind came in from the sea. But I could see the forecast was spot on; it surely was dropping.

No problems picking the kite, the light wind one. And after some time fiddling with the bridle settings I was satisfied and off for some flying.

…or… Flying…? In the current conditions bit felt more like guiding the kite rather than flying it. There was just a whisper of wind now and lots of body work needed to keep the kite in the air.

But under these conditions, you really have to connect with the kite in order to catch whatever wind there is. You need to get it into those right angles of attack to keep the kite flying. You need to compensate for the lack of wind. And you gain more valuable flying experience.

Here’s a quick videographic summary of the guiding.

Really REALLY Low Winds

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