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So far so good, but where does it all leave us? It’s time for reaching some conclusions.

The Project

Our project (ATF) should be focused on continuity.

First of all, this will give us more air time when we meet, and the more we fly, the better we get! With continuity, we will build a solid foundation for our flying and it will be much easier to start up where we left next time we meet. Continuity will also simplify solo practice and minimize lingo confusions. All in all, IMO we’ll become a much better team, it will be more fun and more enjoyable for any audience.

I think we (ATF) should build up 15 – give or take – basic elements that we can put together to a “routine”. These elements should ‘never’ change, thus making all pilots secure in performing and avoid (lingo) misunderstandings.

This way we will…

  • Keep it simple!
  • Never have to start from scratch every time we meet!
  • Make it easier to visualise and practice when flying solo!
  • We make it easier to make minor adjustments (if required)!
  • Build muscle memory!
  • Make commanding easier!
  • Not be dependant on having all pilots available!
  • Make it easier to switch pilots (whoever is available)!

Just my two cents … after quite some time of brain activity! 😉

… and you thought I was done..?! Oh no…

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