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Yes, one broken leading edge and fittings brittle as crisp. TodayI decided to see if I could fix it and equipped with a few rods, bits and pieces I was good to go.

I started replacing the leading edges. Unfortunately I didn’t have a pair of the original Dynamic rods, so I had to go for a substitute. No problems. However, they were too narrow for the original lower parts of the LEs so I had to make replacements for them as well.

LE finished and then it was time to replace most of the original an very brittle fittings. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, but managed to find parts I could use anyhow.

Assembly is far from straight forward. The Utopia is a unique kite consistent of two sails, several tensioning chords and adjustment points. But finally I managed to put it together looking more or less like expected.

But the bridle couldn’t be correct. Very tight and giving the kite a very wrong angle of attack. Definitely not flyable. Weird.

Then I figured it out. The bridle leg supposed to be connected to the LEs lower spreader connector was totally in the wrong place. After correcting it, everything looked fine and the Utopia is now ready to fly!

The Utopia
The Utopia

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