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When the Winds are Low

When the wind drops, make the best out of the situation and quantum leap your flying skills.

There’s a lot to learn when the winds are low. When it drops so much that you need to work to keep your kite in the air.

Then you really get into the details of what happens to your kite. How the kite reacts on your input. Yes, some – or even many times – you will get it wrong. However, slowly but surely you will get better.

Standard A-Quad
Standard A-Quad

You will learn how to put the pressure in the sail, what impact moving around on the ground will have on your kite, how to work your hands and arms to catch whatever wind is around… And a lot of other things.

And you don’t necessarily gotta have the lightest of equipment. In the video below I’m tossing my standard A-Quad about in really low winds, I’d say about 1 to 1,5m/sec or 2-3mph

Note that the ground is not the very best for running about, it’s easy to trip and fall. However I managed to stay on my feet this time. 😉

Low winds

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