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Just before the weekend Wordpress 5.0 was released.

This is a major upgrade, from version 4 to version 5 and it’s including the brand new content editor called Gutenberg. As you might have read in other blog posts here at AERIALIS Kites, I have been using this editor for quite some time now and have had quite a pleasant experience. No major issues and it has all been running quite smooth since the day I installed the Gutenberg plugin.

However, with the 5.0 release, Gutenberg is no longer a plugin. From now on it’s the editor and it comes with the WordPress core. 

As with any new major release there will be some issues the first period of time. That’s why I won’t upgrade AERIALIS Kites for some time. I rather wait for most of the issues to be taken care of. It would surely be a pity if an upgrade will crash the site!

But don’t worry. I run a few other WordPress websites too and I have upgraded a couple of them without facing any issues whatsoever. I will work on those sites for a while and see if anything will turn up. If not, and when version 5 seems stable, I will upgrade this website too.

I’ll off course make sure to back up the lot before i hit the “point of no return button” and cross my fingers for everything to work out fine. But as stated, this won’t happen until the release is stable. So just stay tuned for more information on this soon.

…and while waiting… Go fly a kite!

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  1. Update…

    I have now updated four other websites of mine to WordPress 5.0 and so far everything is working out fine. I’ve had no issues and everything is running like normal.

    Plan A is to dig a bit deeper into the details on these websites to see if things still flow nicely or trouble occur. If still no problems my plan is to update AERIALIS Kites to WP 5.0 (or higher) in a couple of weeks.

    Stay tuned!

    …or go fly a kite!

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