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WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 (to be released later this year) will comprise major changes both to the CMS itself and the very concept of publishing.

The release date for the 5.0 upgrade is still to be announced but soon I will start to prepare for the completely new concept of publishing. Hopefully this will have no impact to the user interface, but of course, no guarantee is given.

I have recently installed the new publishing tool, Gutenberg, however I have yet to activate it. Hopefully I will find some time to do this in the next couple of days. You will be notified on the front page when the Gutenberg plugin is activated and if you spot any quirks or whatnots, please do not hesitate letting me know!

You can use the messager chat function or the contact page.

While waiting…. Go fly a kite! 😎🤙


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